Styrspindel Mustang 67-69 Trumma Höger i gruppen Ford/Mercury / Ford Mustang 65-73 / Styrning/fjädring / Hjullager/styrspindel / Styrspindlar Mustang 65-73 hos VP Autoparts AB (C7OZ-3105-R)
Styrspindel Mustang 67-69 Trumma Höger

Styrspindel Mustang 67-69 Trumma Höger

Artnr: C7OZ-3105-R
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    Mustang 1967 Alla, (6-cylinder, trumbromsar & skivbromsar).
    Mustang 1968-69, trumbromsar.
    Cougar 1967 Alla
    Cougar 68-69 trumbromsar.
    Comet/Montego 1967 Alla.
    Comet/Montego 66-69 trumbromsar.
    Falcon 1967 Alla.
    Falcon 66-69 trumbromsar,
    Fairlane 1967 Alla.
    Fairlane 66-69 trumbromsar.

    These spindles were obsoleted long ago by Ford and have become increasingly expensive and extremely difficult to find and now Scott Drake has the answer.
    Our Engineering team started with a set of used, but excellent condition, Ford originals, to create 3D scans which were then used for CAD modeling and then double checked against original Ford blueprints.
    No corners were cut on this critical component - they were constructed from FORGED JIS S45C grade steel, then we applied a protective, black e-coating and then all surfaces were precision machined.
    We took special care to ensure bearing tolerances were identical to Ford's. For an extra measure of safety and durability, the spindle snout was also heat-treated via induction hardening.

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