Rep.sats Backspegel Inre 1800E/ES i gruppen Volvo / Volvo P1800 / Inredning / Inre utrustning / Inre utrustning P1800 1961-73 hos VP Autoparts AB (1210889)
Rep.sats Backspegel Inre 1800E/ES

Rep.sats Backspegel Inre 1800E/ES

Artnr: 1210889
1-7 dagar
595 kr
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    NOTE! will only work on button type mirrors, NOT slide type.
    1. Make sure mirror has the button D/N and not slide. If slide - must get a button type core.
    2. Remove the adjusted screw, carefully drill (as little as possible) the roll rivet. Separate arm from mirror.
    3. Remove old plastic parts and glass from core.
    4. Make holes in new plastic casing for the locking tabs of the mechanism.
    5. Install mechanism in housing.
    6. Install button and glass.
    7. Assemble mirror to arm, reinstall the adjuster screw.

    NOTE! These mirrors were originally never designed to be taken apart and restored. Be careful not braking any tabs,
    removing more material from roll rivet than necessary.
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