Bladfjäder Mustang HD 5 Blad i gruppen Ford/Mercury / Ford Mustang 65-73 / Styrning/fjädring / Bakvagn/fjädring / Bakfjädring Mustang 65-73 hos VP Autoparts AB (VP-C5ZZ-5560-HD)
Bladfjäder Mustang HD 5 Blad
Bladfjäder Mustang HD 5 Blad

Bladfjäder Mustang HD 5 Blad

Artnr: VP-C5ZZ-5560-HD
1550 kr
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    Mustang 1964-73.
    Upgrade the handling performance of your vehicle with high-performance 5-leaf rear springs.
    This standard-eye spring will lift up the rear of your car to get rid of that sagging back end Mustangs are famous for.
    Depending on the overall weight of your car it will lift it to stock ride height or slightly above it especially on early cars.
    This is the ideal spring for customers looking for a performance spring, wishing to run oversized tires, and looking for a slightly raised look.
    Because most leaf springs being replaced have sagged considerably you should expect at the very least a 1" lift, certainly more when replacing extremely worn out originals on lighter weight, early cars.
    Although it may raise the car higher than factory specifications, this is a good spring. The mid-eye version which makes your car sit 1" lower than these springs and may be a good alternative for some.
    Both options offer superior road handling over stock 4-leaf designs. These springs also help prevent wheel hop and spring wrap up on hard acceleration.
    195 lbs load rate.
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