Production and product development

VP Tooling

We are investing a lot of time and effort on product development and to make parts available on the market that haven’t been around in a while. We are constantly working on expanding the inventory and simply making more parts available for our customers. Many spare parts are today exclusively made by us and made through detailed processes and testing. For example we are making a large number of rubber and steel parts. In our webshop you will find these products labelled with the "VP tooling" logo.


We are very proud of our unique production of complete interiors for the classic Volvos. We are producing carpet sets, door panels, seat covers and headliners. We are working in detail with material, samples and methods in order to match the original parts as good as possible and everything is tested for a perfect fit. Parts produced by ourselves are labelled “Made by VP”.

If you want more information about our production of interior, you can find it here

Production of classic paint

In our shop you can order paint in classic Volvo and Ford colours. In 2009 we installed our own service station in order to provide spray cans with the correct colour scheme for these cars. 

More information about our paint can be found here. 

Restoring Volvo carburettors

We are rebuilding your old carburettor by our own carburettor expert. To be able to provide this service we are normally in need of your old core.

Are you missing a part for your car? Our customers are our most important assets in the process of expanding the inventory. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing anything!