Interior Volvo PV/Duett, Amazon, P1800 & 140/164

At VP Autoparts you find the interior of the highest quality!

It is not news, that your interior needs to be changed after 50 years in your Volvo. By contrast, it can be hard to find one that fits like your original Volvo interior. With over 20 years of experience in producing interior for Classic Volvo PV/Duett, Volvo Amazon & Volvo P1800, we are today’s market leader. All of our interiors are made after Volvo’s detailed description and quality standards. Products are artisanally made in Fristad, Sweden.

To make it easy for you to find your interior, we are using Volvo's original interior codes.
Since 2015, we are using a Gerber data cutter to get precise dimensions, that later are sewn together. Besides our own production of Volvo interiors, we have a new old stock of interiors for the Volvo 140 & Volvo 240.
All Volvo interiors we make are carefully tested in all vehicles, for a guaranteed perfect fit.


All the vinyl materials we use to produce our interiors are specially made in small batches to match your old Volvo original interior.
We have rigorously specified the appearance of the material to get it to correctly match the Original Volvo interiors.
All our color matches have been carefully selected from Volvo original door panels or material from Volvo interiors that have not been exposed to sunlight.

The correct texture is almost as important as the color. The material could be plain vinyl, perforated or rough perforated.
The Volvo material finishes from 1963-64, in addition, to being embossed they began using a pattern. This is most clearly seen in the Amazon interiors 1965-1966 where the finish is a printed black random pattern. All colors on Amazon had this print from 1965-1970, except Black.
Some vinyl materials have a sheen. For example, the interiors of the Volvo P1800/Volvo 164 1971-72 are gold-colored and 73-74 have a light blue metallic lacquered vinyl.

Technically speaking, vinyl material is polar; this allows you to press or weld patterns into it. The method is called radiofrequency welding (RF welding). All door panels and some seat covers are RF-welded to give the characteristic patterns that characterize a Volvo original from the 1960-70s. The chrome moldings are also welded. We often get asked about using leather instead. It should be noted that leather cannot be RF welded. If you use leather, you have to create patterns and lines in other ways, for example by sewing. The result is an interior that is not at all in line with the original. We have therefore chosen to stick to the materials that Volvo used originally. Textiles, vinyl and leather, exactly as the upholstery looked when the cars left the factory.

Interior Volvo Amazon

All our Amazon interiors are matched with Volvo's original colors with the same texture that was made by Volvo more than 50 years ago.

Door panels Volvo PV/Duett, Amazon & P1800 

Our door panels are made just like all our interiors, in Fristad, Sweden. They are produced exactly as they were made by Volvo 60-70 years ago. The panels have a masonite board where the vinyl are high-frequency welded to the panels. The pattern is welded in, as the original and the welding lines have exactly the same pattern as the original. The final result is a panel that exactly matches the original in terms of material, appearance, and performance.

A look behind the scenes

Take a look into the production department where all interior details ''Made by VP'' are manufactured.

A look behind the scenes

Take a look into the production department where all interior details ''Made by VP'' are manufactured.