Volvo 740/760/780

The 700 series was introduced in 1982 with the presentation of the Volvo 760. The model was manufactured until 1990 and was at the time seen as a more luxurious car. Jan Wilsgaard is behind the classic and American-inspired design with straight body lines.
The Volvo 740 was presented two years later, in 1984, as a simpler sister model to the more luxurious 760. As an affordable family car, the 740 became the volume car in the 700 series. The Volvo 780 is the coupe version of the 760, produced between 1985 and 1991. This lavish top model car was manufactured on a frugal scale and was as well designed as built by the Italian Bertone.

We provide a wide range of parts for the 740, 760 and 780 models. Below you will find a selection of these, more products can be found under each category.

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