Volvo 850

The Volvo 850 was launched in 1991 and produced until 1997. An improved version based on the 850 model was S/V70 that was manufactured from 1997 to 2000.

When the model was presented, it was a completely new car. In almost everything it differed from its predecessors and other models in the program. Volvo 850 is considered to be Volvo's first step to becoming a car manufacturer with a sportier image, but at the same time keeping the traditional Volvo concept - large cargo space and safety.

The Volvo 850 was available as a sedan and wagon and was the first Swedish passenger car from Volvo with a transverse five-cylinder engine, an engine that had its origin in the straight aluminum six in the Volvo 960. The car offered driving pleasure as well as road safety - it was first with the integrated side-impact protection system and automatic height-adjusting belt reel ARH.

Fun facts about Volvo 850: The work to develop the Volvo 850 was led by Peter Augustsson who later became director of Saab Automobile. It was also the last Volvo model designed by Jan Wilsgaard.

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