Body panels and other sheet metal

The car's outer shell consists of its body and it is important to regularly inspect it. 

If you are looking for new body parts for your car, you have come to the right place. At VP Autoparts, we offer an extensive range of body parts, both from our own production (VP Tooling) and from other well-known brands.

For classic Volvos as well as American classics, we have developed body panels that meet our high quality requirements in terms of appearance, fitting and thickness. 

Some of our body panels we provide in different qualities, in order to meet different renovation needs. The cheaper variants will be a little more fragile and may need some adjustments to fit perfectly, compared to the "VP selected", slightly more expensive variants with higher quality. 

Important information

We offer body panels in various qualities, but regardless of which panels you buy, you need to check the parts upon delivery. Contact our customer service as soon as possible if the product does not meet your expectations. The same applies if the sheet has been damaged during transport.

Regardless of their quality level, body panels always require some modifications to fit your car. Please note that we only accept returns of parts that have not been painted or adjusted in anyway. 

Economy panels - are they always economical?

At VP Autoparts we strive to produce spare parts that give the best possible result in repair and renovation. When it comes to body and metal work, it is preferable to have large plate surfaces without joints if possible.

In order to offer the best sheet metal parts, we have developed complete panels that replace the original without having to cut out and patch in parts of e.g. rear fenders and wheel arches. This is especially important on exterior body parts that are to be painted. For 1800 we have developed quarter panels and for Amazon both complete quarter panels and wheel arches.


If you compare the cost of buying 2 repair plates for a Volvo P1800 quarter panel versus buying the entire quarter panel, there is a difference of less than SEK 2000. If you replace the entire screen, you also avoid a long weld. Painters/sheet metal workers do not have to spend time on alignment and filling. There is no risk of the varnish coming off if there are pores in the weld. And perhaps the most important thing: on the day the car is sold, the buyer will certainly appreciate a complete and straight inside of the panel instead of a long weld, which tells about a previous repair. 
If you don't do the work yourself, ask the person who does what the final price will be with several economy plates compared to being able to exchange for a brand new panel.


Wheel housing Amazon outer RHR
No in exploded view:
Article no: 653270
1195 kr
Quarter panel 1800 1961-69 LH
No in exploded view:
Article no: 664279
4995 kr
Taillight panel 67-68 VP Select
No in exploded view:
Article no: C7ZZ-6540324-AHQ
1695 kr
Rear lower section 120/130 LH
No in exploded view:
Article no: 657633
1295 kr
Floor panel PV LHF
No in exploded view:
Article no: 658389
595 kr
Wheel arch repair inner 140/164/240 LHR
No in exploded view:
Article no: 615268
395 kr
Front panel PV lower part
No in exploded view:
Article no: 663219-1
1495 kr

VP's choice vs Economy

Door skin outside 64-66 RH VP-select
No in exploded view:
Article no: C5ZZ-6520200-HQ
1495 kr
Door skin outside 64-66 RH economy
No in exploded view:
Article no: C5ZZ-6520200-A
1051 kr
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