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We are classic Volvos and American cars

Since 1986 we have worked hard every single day to keep classic Volvos rolling on our roads.
By offering a huge selection of parts and top-class customer service our aim is to provide you with a great experience both through the process of getting the car ready as well as when you’re finally behind the wheel.

Since 10 years back we are also offering spare parts for the American classic cars for the European market. Through larger imports, we are able to keep the prices down for our customers.

Our website makes our inventory available 24/7 and our engaged customer service agents are always there with a helping hand if needed.
The company was founded back in 1986 by Lennart Johansson in Fristad outside Borås. The first item was a rubber seal which Lennart manufactured for himself for his very own PV 444. Today 30 years later we are still as dedicated and committed in our daily work. The company has now 30 employees and well over 100 000 items in our inventory and customers all over the globe.

We are putting a lot of effort and time into making new parts available and also evolve our inventory for classic cars. We take a lot of pride in what we do and are extra proud of the interior parts for the old Volvos that we make here in Fristad. The Swedish tradition of producing parts for classic Volvos is very much kept alive by VP Autoparts.

Today we are a world-leading supplier of parts for old Volvos and an important one in the North for Classic American car parts. We are offering our service and parts to both companies' private customers and our customer base is found in more than 70 countries. The heart of the company is still located in Fristad outside Borås but today we have also a close-by location where we stock American car parts and a sister company in the US. We are available 24/7 through our website. We are looking back at an amazing journey and look forward to keeping evolve together with our customers and making sure the old classic cars still stay on the roads.

Christer Johansson, CEO

Company information

VP Autoparts AB
Industrivägen 7
513 32 FRISTAD

Tel: +46 033 206464

Org.nr: 556526-9148
VAT: SE556526914801

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