Tändkabelssats Med Lock & Rotor Blå Ford V8 i gruppen Ford/Mercury / Ford Mustang 65-73 / Elsystem/belysning / Tändsystem / Tändstift/tändkablar Mustang 65-73 hos VP Autoparts AB (SUM-867805CR)
Tändkabelssats Med Lock & Rotor Blå Ford V8

Tändkabelssats Med Lock & Rotor Blå Ford V8

Artnr: SUM-867805CR
7-14 dagar
1095 kr / 930.75 kr
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    Ignition Tune-Up Kit, Ford, Mercury, 351M, 400, 352, 390, 428, Kit
    Will fit smallblack also.
    Tune-up your entire ignition at once with Summit® Volt Max X-TREME spark plug wires/cap and rotor kits.
    They're made to handle extreme conditions while perfectly matching OEM specs.
    The ultra-low resistance wire core is wrapped in a high dielectric capacitance jacket to keep voltage directed to the plug, and is protected by a tough silicone outer jacket.
    Stainless steel terminals (solid brass for Ford D.I.S. applications) with hardened, positive snap-locks ensure a permanent connection, and the silicone boots can handle up to 450 degrees F of heat.
    The wire sets include dielectric grease to seal terminals and boots, plus wire separators (a must if your OEM wire are 7mm).
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