Fördelare B19/B21/B23/B230 i gruppen Volvo / Volvo 240/Volvo 260 / Elsystem / Tändsystem / Tändsystem 240 B17A/B19A/B21A/B23A hos VP Autoparts AB (123-B23)
Fördelare B19/B21/B23/B230

Fördelare B19/B21/B23/B230

Artnr: 123-B23
1-3 dagar
4195 kr
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    Brand new distributor with several different advance curves.
    Your original ignition coil can be used with this
    new 123 distributor, as long as it is in good shape.
    Keep in mind that this new item will give a stronger spark,
    which might cause worn cables and coils to fail.
    It is a good idea to bypass any resistance, as this unit
    manages primary resistances as low as 1 ohm .
    The gear from your original distributor must be re-used.
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