Mounting repair sheets Volvo Amazon / Volvo 121 -
Sill plate, wheel housing and rear fenders

Here you can see with what result you can expect when you use our new wheel housing, sill plates and rear fenders for Volvo Amazon.

Click at the picture for en enlargement!

Here you can see the outer wheel plates mounted.

Article: 653269 Wheels housing Volvo Amazon LHR
Article: 653270 Wheels housing Volvo Amazon RHR

We offer not only the new produced spare wheel well side but also the
spare wheel well (not in this picture).

Article: 657631 Spare wheel well Amazon
Article: 657528 Spare wheel well side Amazon
Article: 653618 Bracket bumper spare wheel container Amazon

The rear fenders have been mounted.

Article: 659445 Rear fender Amazon LHR
Article: 659446 Rear fender Amazon RHR

The repair sheets for the lower section have been mounted too.

Article: 657633 Rear fender 120 rear lower section LH
Article: 657634 Rear fender 120 rear lower section RH

The sill plates have been welded on the car. Don't forget to use the primer for welding.

Article: 657048 Sill plate Amazon 2d outer LH
Article: 657049 Sill plate Amazon 2d outer RH
Article: 1161816 Primer for welding 250ml

Our customer chose to reuse his rear panel, but in case you can't do so, we offer also new produced rear panels (not in this picture).

Article: 653015 Rear panel Amazon standard 2 & 4 doors
Article: 661714 Rear inner panel 120 2 & 4 doors