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VP Autoparts privacy policy

1. Use of personal data

To provide good service to you as a customer and enable a business-smooth collaboration with you as a supplier and partner, we handle personal data that mainly concerns various contact and login information. We also process your data to fulfill a legal obligation in the Accounting Act to save accounting documents and in some cases to be able to fulfill an agreement on payment between us. Information used in accounting is saved following the Accounting Act (Swedish law).

2. People we store personal data about

We only handle personal data for our customers, suppliers, partners, or others who contact us. When recruiting, we handle personal information about you who are looking for a job with us. Below we explain how we handle personal information about each category.

2.1 Customers

To be able to handle inquiries, orders, send out information and perform invoicing, we process certain contact information such as name, invoice address, delivery address, telephone number, and email address about you as a customer. We collect the information from you resp. we handle the information you have provided to us via the website, e-mail, telephone, or letter. We process your data with support in our legitimate interest in maintaining good customer relationships and being able to conduct our business.

2.2 Suppliers

For our suppliers and partners, we process contact information such as name, organization number or VAT number, invoice address and delivery address, contact person and role within the company, telephone number, email address, and bank connections. We process this personal data with support in our legitimate interest in maintaining good customer relationships and being able to conduct our business.

2.3 Jobseekers

For us to be able to process your application, we need to save the personal data necessary for the recruitment process. Therefore, we save your contact information and other information you provide in your letter, CV, and other attached documents during the recruitment process. Your information is handled by our employees who work with recruitment. Your information can also be disclosed to companies and consultants we work with recruitment. We save your personal information during the recruitment process. If your application does not lead to a job, we will, with your approval, be happy to save your application for future recruitment needs.

3. Management through our customer service

3.1 Order management and support

For us to be able to conduct a functioning administration and follow-up of our customers, we save names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and in cases involving a company also a role within the company in our customer register. For Swedish companies the organization number is saved, for European companies, the VAT number is saved, for Norwegian individuals also the Norwegian social security number.

3.2 Contact routes

When you contact our customer service, we collect your name and mainly your e-mail address but also other contact routes for you depending on which contact routes you chose to be contacted at. We handle this information to be able to handle and answer your questions in the case.

4. Storage of personal data

We store your data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collect the data, or as long as we are otherwise obliged by law to do so. If we no longer have an obligation to save the data, you can withdraw your approval at any time and request the deletion of your data.

5. Website

5.1 Cookie management

When you use our website, small text files, so-called cookies, are saved in your browser. These are used to keep the site reliable and secure, to measure performance, deliver customized shopping experiences, and tailor advertising for you. You can accept that all cookies are delivered or read more and enter resp. change your settings. If you choose not to accept cookies, the website's functionality deteriorates. You are asked to provide certain information several times. History of visited articles is not available; information about selected language, country of delivery, shipping options, payment solution, etc. need to be specified for each order occasion. You can choose to clear cookies from your browser. 

5.2 IP address

An IP address is a unique address used to identify and communicate with devices on a network. Your IP number is used and saved at each order and linked to each order. The IP number is saved as long as the order is active. After invoicing the order, the storage follows the statutory storage deadline for invoices.

5.3 Third-party solutions

To provide a modern website, we collaborate with third-party actors. These save some personal information about you. Online payments go through the selected third-party player and your bank. Your bank is responsible for the processing of personal data it performs with the transaction, while we are responsible for the processing we perform after receiving your payment. Use the links below to the players' websites to read more about how your data is handled.


For Swedish companies that apply to trade against credit, we carry out a credit check. Read more on Creditsafe's website about handling personal data.


Swedish, Danish, and Finnish customers can choose to make the payment in the webshop with Klarna. Read more on Klarna's website about handling personal data.


All customers without a special agreement can choose to make the payment in the webshop with card payment (Visa / Mastercard) provided by Nets. Read more on Net's website about handling personal data.


Swedish customers can choose to make the payment in the webshop with Swish. Read more on the Swish website about handling personal data.


Schenker stores address data to be able to transport your order either to your home address or to a nearby agent/terminal depending on the chosen shipping method. PostnordSchenker stores address data to be able to transport your order either to your home address or to a nearby agent/terminal depending on the chosen shipping method.


N-Shift stores address data online to enable tracking of the transport of your order.

6. When we use social security numbers

We do not use and save Swedish social security numbers. For Swedish companies, we save the organization number, for companies based in a European country we save the VAT number and for Norwegian private individuals we save the Norwegian social security number (required for shipping to Norway by Norwegian customs).

7. Your rights as registered

7.1 Get information

You always have the right to know what we do with your personal information. If you want to know what personal information is stored about you, you can contact us and request an extract from the register. When you contact us, you may need to certify who you are. We can ask you about your identity to be sure that we give the information to the right person.

7.2 Request correction

If your contact information changes, you are welcome to contact us and we will correct the information. For us to be able to contact you, we must update the name and address lists.

7.3 Objections, restrictions, and deletion

You always have the right to question our processing of your data. You also have the right to request that we limit unnecessary processing and that we remove redundant personal data. If you receive our information mailings, you always have the right to unsubscribe from future mailings. How to unsubscribe is stated in the mailing at the end of the email.

7.4 Get personal information exported

If we save and use your personal information with your approval or based on an agreement we have with you, you have the right to ask us to export your personal information to another company or other organization.

8. How to file a complaint

If you feel that we do not handle your data in the right way, you are welcome to contact us at initially. You have the right to submit complaints to Swedish Datainspektionen, which is the authority that monitors that companies and organizations follow the rules for the use of personal data and you can contact them via e-mail to

9. How to contact us

Do you have any questions about how we collect, save and use your personal information, or do you want to exercise your rights, contact us at the e-mail address or phone +46 (0)33-20 64 64.

We can come to update this policy. In the event of significant changes in our handling of personal data, we ensure that those affected by the change are notified. We updated this information on how we use personal information on January 3, 2022.

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