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The Volvo Amazon was manufactured by Volvo Cars from 1956 to 1970. The Amazon shared the wheelbase of its predecessor, the PV, as well as its tall posture and high H-point seating — while offering three model configurations: two-door sedan, four-door sedan, and a five-door wagon. In 1959 Volvo became the world's first manufacturer to provide front seat belts as standard equipment for all their cars.

In markets outside the Nordic countries the Amazon models were more known as the 120 series. This was due to the German motorcycle manufacturer Kreidler already using that name for motorcycle. The two companies finally agreed that Volvo could use the name, but only in the Nordic market. By the end of production, 234,653 four-door models, 359,917 two-door models and 73,220 station wagons had been produced, giving a total of 667,791 vehicles, of which 60% were exported. 

We offer a great number of products for Volvo Amazon and are especially proud of our production of interiors. 

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Brake fluid Silicon
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 230
551 kr
In stock
Glue for dash top
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 32141010
236 kr
In stock
Letter kit Amazon 67-70/1800 silver
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 276375
520 kr
Not in stock
Mounting kit Front Section Amazon 65-70
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 273137
205 kr
In stock
Volvo Hog ring kit 55pc/kit
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 000305
39 kr
In stock
Washer 6x16
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 192287
1 kr
In stock
Windlace 130 2d black
No. in exploded view:
Article no: 690587
415 kr
In stock

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