Rubber Mat Mustang 65-73 black in the group Ford/Mercury / Ford Mustang 65-73 / Interior / Mats/carpets / Floormats/carpets / Accessory mats/carpets Mustang at VP Autoparts AB (C5ZZ-6513086-BK)
Rubber Mat Mustang 65-73 black

Rubber Mat Mustang 65-73 black

Article no: C5ZZ-6513086-BK
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  • Information
  • These are exact copies of an original Ford accessory.
    Molded in black rubber and features spikes on the backside to reduce mat sliding. Set includes two fronts and two rear mats.
    Trim for convertible.

    Important notice on storage of mats.

    If rubber mats are not immedeately installed in car the following storage instruction must be followed:

    - Stored flat like they install in car, can not be stored folded.
    - Stored dark and cool.

    This is to avoid cracking of the rubber mat caused by incorrect storage. Manufacturer will not approve
    any claims on mats with dry cracks.
    Unit: Set
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